Some Cool Links


Or maybe just normal sites, but they sure are micro compared to the typical sites that people use! Generally, sites in this category are single-objective sites that do one thing and do it really well. Neocities sites and stuff that seems neocities-site-esque are in their own section, smallweb. There's also a small stash of webdev resources tucked away in Working In Public, my page on making this website.

# marginalia search
this search engine calculates a score that aggressively favors text-heavy websites, and punishes those that have too many modern web design features.

# the kingdom of loathing
i keep telling myself that i'll get into this browser game one day. the same people made west of loathing, which is on steam and one of my favourite games.

cool website builder, what I used for my meetup's home page.

archive of the old, old internet. contains this wonderful page, and a top 100 list.

# before i play
a wiki of things you should know before you play a video game

probably the most useful wiki in existence

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