Some Cool Links

Hey, welcome!

You probably clicked a link on my blog and it brought you here. If you're here for more links I gotchu. If you're here to cyberstalk me cross yr fingers and check back in 2 weeks for if my website ambitions have grown and I decide to make a full ass personal site.

Major Kudos

here are the things that inspired me to make this website the most:

  • the yesterweb their zines are rad as hell. i've been following them for a couple years now and their regular zine drops made sure that this project was never out of my mind for long.
  • Sandy Maguire's blog post exploring the small web.
  • From My To Me, a great rundown of personal websites.
  • thank u for having a page that's just a 100% html thing that i can yoink by inspecting the page source, this literally couldnt have happened without you.